Seth Green willing to play Joker in live-action Mass Effect movie

It's official: The actor wants to play his virtual counterpart in the live-action film.

A live-action movie adaptation for Mass Effect is currently in the works, and Seth Green wants to reprise his role of crack pilot Jeff "Joker" Moreau for the film.

Speaking at a Robot Chicken panel at New York Comic Con, Green was asked by an audience member if he would play the role if offered. Green replied yes in an enthusiastic and upbeat manner, according to GamerNode cameraman Matt Boyle who was in attendance.

He also briefly discussed his voice acting work for the popular sci-fi RPG series. Green said that he enjoyed the work he’s done so far and is excited for the third installment.

The Mass Effect film was confirmed in May when Legendary Pictures and Avi Arad, former Marvel Studios producer, released statements announcing that it was in early development. It is still without a script, let alone a cast.


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Mike has been playing games for over two decades. His earliest memories are of shooting ducks and stomping goombas on NES, and over the years, the hobby became one of his biggest passions. Mike has worked with GamerNode as a writer and editor since 2009, giving you news, reviews, previews, a voice on the VS Node Podcast, and much more.

3 Comments on "Seth Green willing to play Joker in live-action Mass Effect movie"

  1. Biggsy December 13, 2011 at 1:13 pm -

    Having Seth playing Joker is going to be one of, if not the biggest reason for me to go & watch the film. I don’t imagine the film will be great, but worth watching of Seth’s there.

    • Anonymous January 11, 2012 at 1:39 am -

      Yeah, Seth Green IS Joker, as far as I’m concerned. His voice is instantly identifiable, and I would find it strange for anyone else to be voicing or acting as that character in any other capacity.

  2. Bruce Goodson April 11, 2015 at 10:50 pm -

    I can't say how much the movie would have just tanked without Seth Green> In between EVERY mission I would HAVE to go to the cock pit to see what kind of wise cracking banter he came out with. The one other person I do believe This movie CAN NOT be done without is Martin Sheen. At absolute Worst case scenario, in my humble opinion, Charlie Sheen is the only other actor who could pull that role off if necessary. Just because of the resemblance in voice and appearance. But without a doubt Martin Sheen PLEASE take this role!

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