Simpsons 360 edition coming. D'oh!

Some of your Xbox 360 buddies are strutting their stuff because they scored an Xbox 360 Elite. We know how you must feel – dejected, isolated, envious, and crying. (Well, maybe you didn’t cry, but you felt like it.) But here’s your chance to get back at your tormenter. Microsoft has announced another special edition 360 and this one will make your Elite 360 friends envy you – if you can get one.

simpsonsXboxThe new edition is the Xbox 360 Homer Simpson iteration. We’re not joking. The new version of the Xbox 360 is a bright yellow with matching controller. On the side of the 360 is Homer, peeking out as if he were lost. It doesn’t get any better than this – unless of course, you can’t stand the color yellow. These rare editions will be passed out "through a series of special events and promotions," during the July release of the new Simpsons movie this year. They’ll only be 100 of these babies, so get ready to enter the upcoming contests.


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