Sims 2: Pets Preview

Just about everyone has either heard about or played a version of The Sims. Gameplay is simple but addicting, and practically anyone can get into these games without a whole lot of preparation or gaming skills. We’ve seen Sims expansion packs offering a bevy of different scenarios from vacation themes to being in the work force and everything in between.

What could possibly be next? Maxis’ next contribution to the Sims dynasty will not just spotlight the Sims character types we’re all familiar with, but will be starring furry two and four-footed creatures. That’s right, the new addition to the Sims franchise is The Sims 2: Pets.

This new chapter takes on a different approach to the series. Instead of taking care of the Sims, you take care of the Sims’ pets. In this latest installment, you’ll be able to adopt a dog, cat, guinea pig or bird. (In the real world, I have had them all as pets, with the exception of guinea pigs.) First impressions of the game look good, as you’ll be able to go through the trials and joys of owning these critters, without really experiencing and outlaying the bundles of cash necessary to keep your pets happy and healthy.

All concerned pet owners know that the trick to getting a good pet is in trying to figure out their temperament. In Pets, this rather daunting task is made easy as you can predetermine what kind of personality your pet will have. Do you want a lazy dog, or an active cat? How about a dog that is as smart as Lassie? Maybe you want a pet that is funny and playful? All you have to do is go to the in-game menu and click. But as easy as this first stage is in the selection of your new family member, there are also a heap of responsibilities that you’ll need to attend to in order to be a successful Sims pet owner.

As with all pets, they have certain basic needs — they need to eat and they have to go to the bathroom. The Sims pets you adopt aren’t automatically housebroken or necessarily responsible. If you own a cat, you’d better make sure that you have a sufficient scratching post in the house, or your cat will go crazy. In one scene, the cat was so upset at not having something to scratch on it attacked the sofa and basically turned it into shreds. (This actually happened to me once in real life, but it was my dog that tore my sofa apart. Go figure.) A happy pet is a well-loved pet, and the quality time you spend with it will pay off in the end. Your pets will watch TV with you, go for a romp in the park, sit quietly at your feet or jump with joy as you tell them they are doing a great job.

Another element of Pets is the ability to create your own pedigree of pet. While the basic game offers you a good selection of breeds, you might want to make your very own from scratch. In this game mode, you can crossbreed different species and modify their genetics. Don’t worry: this isn’t as Frankensteinian as it sounds. Try crossing a Schnauzer with a Poodle, for example. What do you get? A Schnoodle. You can make different types of cats as well, but not everything is done in this experimental way. If your pets meet suitable companions, they’ll take natures’ course and produce a batch of puppies or kittens. Depending on the parents’ genes, the offspring will be a combination of the traits of one or both parents.

In the regular episodes of The Sims, you are able to give put your Sims on a career track. In Pets, this will also be featured. Your dog or cat can work their way up to be show animals, or become part of the Security Pet Corps or an honored Rescue pet.

The animals have great personalities, and it’s probably the next best thing to getting a real pet of your own. For the truly a-Sim-u-lated, this next installment, The Sims 2: Pets, should prove to be entertaining. For those new to the series, this may prove to be the perfect solution in not only getting familiar with The Sims experience, but what it means to be a pet owner, too.


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