SiN Emerges

Starting on May 9th you'll be able to play the Source Engine-based Sin game, titled Sin Episodes: Emergence. If you've followed up on this game at all, you'll know that they are releasing the game in multiple episodes. These episodes will be available at a fair price ($19.95 a pop) and you can get them with Valve's Steam downloading service. If you're interested in getting a retail copy, they will also become available on May 9th, so don't worry if you're allergic to the internet. On top of all this releasing goodness, they are already making 'pre-load' available service for the game. Meaning you can sign up for Steam, pay for the game, download an encrypted version of the game files right now and have them unlocked on the day of release. There is also a slight discount incentive for pre-loading the game will cost $17.95 (10 percent off). Of course you're hesitant to buy into one of the first 'Episode' type games, it's understandable. So you can wait around for the reviews to come out, but then, you'll miss out on the pre-loaded discount (you can't win!). We're hoping on some Source engine fun personally but you be the judge, on May 9th.


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