Skyward Sword flying into stores November 20

Since its announcement at E3 2010, Skyward Sword has filled the minds of Zelda fans everywhere. A touch of relief comes today by way of a release date announcement for the brand new prequel to Ocarina of Time.

Skyward Sword is the first Zelda game to be developed specifically for the Wii. Twilight Princess was developed for the Gamecube then ported to the Wii. Most diehards will say that the former version (that is, for the Gamecub) is superior due to Link’s left-handedness and the lackluster motion controls that accompanied the Wii port.

No need to worry, though, Skyward Sword was designed around the Wii Motion Plus controller so players can have complete control over their weapons. Alongside cracking a whip, rolling and throwing bombs, or swinging the Master Sword, Link will also be able to ride an avian companion for travel and, certainly, for the simple pleasure of flight.

If all this change is sounding like too much for classic Zelda fans, take heart pieces in that this quest will still feature classic Zelda dungeons, puzzle solving, and a wide open world to explore. Nintendo is bragging that Skyward Sword is "the biggest game in the series yet".  

You’ll be able to find out if that statement is true when the game is released on November 20.



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