Socom: Confrontation confronting stores this Sept.

socomThe PS2’s online service had but one saving grace, Socom. Without Socom and Socom 2, the entire service was downright deplorable. So now that Sony actually has a decent online service, we’re all wondering "where’s the Socom?" Or perhaps more appropriately, "when’s the Socom?"  

Well we just found out, and it’s sooner than you’d think. Socom: Confrontation will be released on September 16. Ok so maybe it’s not sooner than you might have thought, because they originally said it was coming out in the summer, but it’s not bad nonetheless.

The release date is coming pretty close on the heals of E3, so expect a big showing from the game at E3.

I don’t know about anybody else, but this date is pretty much perfect for my uses. I’m just getting over a wicked Call of Duty 4 addiction, and a September release gives me a few months to recharge my multiplayer batteries before plunging back into the depths of online shooter debauchery.


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