Something 1C This Way Comes

Your hard working GamerNode crew was invited to the 1C Company press event where the leading Central and European game publisher displayed the launch games that would be released for America.

The gala affair was held in San Francisco, and although the task was hard — being surrounded by booth babes, game demos, free Russian food and vodka made it hard to remember to take notes and press play on the MP3 recorder — somebody had to do this distasteful deed. Your editor-in-chief, Brendon Lindsey and senior writer, Frank Ling, threw their bodies to be sacrificed for this assignment because, well, somebody had to do it.

Among the glittering lights and feet tapping Eurodance music playing over the loud speakers, we were all treated to a short presentation about 1C, learning where they stood in eastern Europe gaming, as well as what we were in store for. PC titles such as Dawn of Magic, Death to Spies, You Are Empty, Cryostasis, and King’s Bounty: The Legend were on demo.

1C, based in Moscow, Russia, is planning to expand their operations from Europe to the Pacific Rim, the UK and the US with Atari as their partner. Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director of 1C Company said, "We have already opened several new offices including 1C UK and 1C Asia-Pacific and look forward to strengthening our position in the US. Together with our distribution partner Atari we would like to introduce our games to the American audience and offer an innovative approach to all the existing genres."

1C currently sells tens of millions of copies of software in Russia and eastern Europe (or several tons, as they apparently keep track of software weight in Russia). Not many of their numerous games have made it stateside, although the wildly popular cult hit IL-2 Sturmovik is a title you can thank them for developing.

We saw an assortment of shooters, fantasy games and action games and it looks like 1C is on the right track. Frank spent some time playing King’s Bounty: The Legend. The battle action, accomplished through turn based moves, offered some entertaining 3D fighting as the combatants moved on grids to advance, retreat, or attack. The animations were well done, and the battle-grid system works well.

While most of the titles revolved around a war of some sort or a fantasy adventure, two stood out: the video-only Rig’n’Roll, and 1C’s flagship title for their new foray, Cryostasis.

Rig’n’Roll is, basically, Big Rigs on a Russian drinking binge with a hint of Russian rock. Starting out as a driving simulation, the game progresses into a more Railroad Tycoon type feel, shifting you from driving to building a trucking empire. Of course, you’re free to run people over — you are bigger than them, after all.

Cryostasis was available for play, and is easily the title 1C is looking to push towards American gamers. Like Lost Planet, the game revolves around you staying warm in a frozen environment. Unlike Lost Planet, though, Cryostasis is a survival horror based FPS, and the heat you need to stay alive comes from real life heat-bearing objects. For example, you can get cozy near a light bulb, place your hands near it, and watch your health slowly rise. The cold effects in the game are also outstanding, as you can see frost form on any wet surface, see snow drop through gratings, and watch your frozen breath escape your lips when you’re near freezing.

As mentioned, there were quite a few games that were in the RPG/fantasy category, and several war-based ones (ranging from the Cold War to medieval knights battling), so fans of these genres will be pleased to see more of these titles coming from 1C.

Stay tuned to GamerNode as we’ll bring you more in-depth previews on some of 1Cs upcoming titles in the near future.


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