Sony Denies Resale Rumors

GamesRadar reported yesterday that a source in gaming retail revealed that Sony had plans to eliminate the pre-owned market for Playstation 3 games entirely. This plan would mean that consumers that paid sixty dollars for the game didn’t actually own the game, but instead purchased the rights to play it. This would make selling Playstation 3 games to any retailer, such as Gamestop, illegal as Sony would still retain the property. While not the first time rumblings of such a plan have come to fruition, it still set the gaming community in an uproar.

Today though, proving that they weren’t planning on committing financial suicide, a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment UK denied that anything of the sort was not mentioned to retailers.

“We have definitely not been communicating that,” Jennie Kong confirmed. Then she went on to say “It’s false speculation. We don’t have any further knowledge about this topic – either officially or unofficially, to be frank.”

Quick to shoot down this rumor, Sony also told UK newspaper The Guardian that games for the Playstation 3 will not be limited to one console, but will be playable on any Playstation 3 unit.

With Sony leading the charge against the right to sell and buy pre-owned games, it’s not surprising that this rumor keeps surfacing. Sony doesn’t want to lose profits on the sales of used games, but they have said time and time again that games will be compatible with any PS3.


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