Sony E3 2009 Press Conference Live Blog

Nintendo came out strong, Microsoft set a huge precedent yesterday, Can Sony keep up the stellar press conference vibe? We’ll find out in 20!

Let’s go! SONY TIME!!!

10:59 AM: My dad on Facebook: "It’s geek central at my house!" Yes, yes it is. 

11:04: Sesslar and Kevin waxing poetic about Sony. Wee. 

11:05: PS3 Game of E3 ’09: Fat Princess. Calling it now.

11:08: We’ve been minutes away for about 10 minutes. Come now, let’s go.

11:09: FINALLY! Let’s go! Cool montage of games set to Queen. Awesome.

11:13: Jack Tretton always reminded me of the nervous kid in grade school who fainted every time he went to the blackboard. His heart racing 230 BPM only enhances that.

11:14: Was that 364 games? Wow, that’s a lot.

11:15: So every year from now until eternity will be the Year of the Playstation. Great.

11:16: Corporate Wanking, Sony Style. That screen behind him is impressive. Heavy Rain! Forgot all about it!

11:17: Christos: "He’s like a well-spoken fanboy." So freakin’ true.

11:18: Corporate Wanking: International Edition. He’s almost at a corporate climax.

11:19: No, we have bags under our eyes because you’re boring, and we fell asleep. InFAMOUS is great though.

11:20: Naughty Dog reference can only mean one thing: Nathan Drake.  Uncharted 2 time.

11:21: The graphics are unreal. This really is a pretty game. Of course the damn helicopter shows up when you’re hanging for dear life. The action is intense right now. I’m really loving this.

11:24: GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:25: That was awesome. The building collasped. Didn’t expect that. Good showing from Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2 looks amazing.

11:26: Live MAG gameplay! Sexy. Turning the Empire Theater into a Swedish techno hall every time someone else comes out. Not sexy.

11:28: That’s a lot of live players. Every bullet and missile will be shot by a real player. Insane. The round is 56 minutes long. Yeesh.

11:29: This is very intriguing, a lot more so than anything else I’ve heard about it. A XP system as well, sweet.

11:31: I’m not a big shooter guy, but I want MAG now. Awesome.

11:32: PSP time! Bundles, bundles, bundles!!

11:34: Christos: "What about butch lesbians who don’t want a pink psp?" Kaz Hirai takes the stage. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RACERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

11:35: The PSP Go! I’m surprised at how small it is. A nice system indeed. Do want.

11:38: Sony Media Go now used for Playstation Store use. Interesting. SenseMe=iTunes Genius! Yay!

11:40: UMD AND digital download? Retailers, start shitting your pants. It begins.

11:41: $250? Christos says it best: "FAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL."

11:43: Gran Turismo PSP huh? Weren’t you working on GT5? Oh wait, Prologue came out, so you have 5 years before you have to actually worry about it. Yeesh.

11:45: *snnnnooooooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeee* Give me game footage! A trailer! Something!!

11:47: It took him four minutes to show me something!? Jeez man. Sit still, you damn PSP Go! I can’t see the video!

11:50: Kojima-san bringing out MGS: Peace Walker! Set 10 years after MGS3, in the 1970s. Awesome. 

11:52: Kojima’s writing it. Thank God. It’s completely canon though. How’s that work? MGS4 was the end! Trailer time!

11:56: 4 Snakes, shared boxes, and a great trailer. Awesome stuff. The longest trailer of E3 belongs to the PSP. Awesome.

11:58: Resident Evil PSP! PSP montage time! Let’s get more chips! LBP, Soul Calibur, Dissidia, Madden 10, NCAA 10, and more!

12:02 PM: I do love how the crowd is all about Hannah Montana. That’s priceless.

12:03: Playstation Network time! Final Fantasy VII anyone? Nope, first some corporate wanking.

12:04: Final Fantasy VII on PSN TODAY! WOW!!!

12:06: Playstation Home Wanking. Home montage!

12:07: Chun-Li Home costume is awesome. As is the RE5 Kijuju location. Rapture in Home anyone?

12:09: Rapid fire PS3 trailer! Uncharted 2, inFAMOUS, Madden 10, Final Fantasy XIII, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brutal Legend, White Knight Chronicles, Dirt 2, Ghostbusters, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, BUZZ, Saw, King of Fighters XII, Ice Age, Tekken 6, Tiger 10, Dark Void, G Force, Guitar Hero Van Halen, NCAA 10, Katamari, Singstar: QUEEN, DC Universe Online, Motorstorm 3, LBP, Saboteur, Bioshock 2, Ratchet: Crack in Time, Fight Night Round 4, God OfWar III, and a shit ton I missed. Whew. 

12:14: Agent for PS3 sounds interesting, Assassin’s Creed II gameplay!!

12:15: Awesome kill! Meet Ezio! It looks incredible. Ezio scares the hell out of me. da Vinci’s Flying Machine That looks awesome.

12:18: I wonder if da Vinci is pissed that his flying machine got destroyed? DOUBLE KILL!

12:20: That was very impressive. ACII could be one of the best of the year. Great demo.

12:22: Final Fantasy XIII trailer! I really hope XIII is more like X than XII. Please please please…

12:25: SICK.

12:26: Final Fantasy XIV PS3 exclusive?! Get away! Dammit, it’s an MMO. NEver mind *calms down again*.

12:28: Crap, he said "Motion Control." Project Natalie?!

12:29: Is that a magic wand? What the hell is that supposed to do? Look what the Wii has caused. Unbelievable.

12:31: That’s a big sword. Compensating much? I will saw, this is pretty damn funny.

12:33: FPS motion control?! SICK. Lightsaber whip too! I could see myself having a lot of fun with this.

12:34: How angry is Microsoft right now? Their motion control device had a creepy kid, and Sony’s is putting people in FPS games. Awesome.

12:36: Tank battle!! I’m really into this. This looks like a lot of fun! The swordfighting kicks ass too! Now ninja stars? A day after it’s announced, Natal is being outclassed. Amazing.

12:39: That motion controller was awesome. Good play Sony, good play.

12:40: LBP is getting Disney costume like Jack Sparrow and Cinderella. AWESOME.

12:41: Mod Nation Racers. LBP in racer form? This could be good. Monkey Butler?! Sick.

12:44: This game is BEAUTIFUL. Completely customizable Mario Kart with better graphics, there’s no other way to describe it.

12:47: The racing was cool, but the track studio just won it for me. This guy just built every village in France in about 3 minutes. Wow.

12:49: SHEEP!!!!

12:50: Mod Nation Racers might just be my favorite game of this entire press conference!

12:51: More Swedish techno, then Tretton comes out for The Last Guardian, aka Project TRICO. So far, it’s the same trailer that leaked a week ago, which sucks. Damn Internets. DogRatBird saves the day again!

12:56: I stand corrected. Gran Turismo 5. With NASCAR and rally racing. Awesome.

12:58: Here comes God of War III. A live demo as well. That sounds fun.

1:00: Seamless start to the demo. Lots of enemies, blood, and gore. Getting from platform to platform by latching to and stabbing the hell out of flying creatues is awesome. GIANT TITAN in the background. Chaos ensues as the battle rages. KRATOS JUST DISEMBOWELED A CENTAUR!! And now to the Titan, but first a CHIMERA strikes! That Chimera death was BRUTAL!!! What a demo! Fantastic stuff!

1:07: Sony has wrapped it up. Great ending! Thanks for following the live blogs, and I’ll see you all soon!!



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