Sony Fixes PS3 Backwards Compatibility Bug

http:/ images/ps3aid1169754445.jpgThe backwards compatibility issue, where PS2 games suffered from downgraded graphics quality when played on the PS3, has raised a response from Sony Corp in the form of a fix, which is available in the latest firmware release, 1.50. Last month, a video was posted on YouTube demonstrating the apparent downgrade in graphics quality when certain PS2 games were played on PS3.

The video spawned a whirlwind of complaints and outrage from the PS3 community, causing many to wonder about Sony’s commitment in supporting its customer base. One gamer was so fed up with the situation that he decided to fix the problem himself by rerouting and downgrading the PS3 video signal.

A discussion topic, started by a user on the forums, pinpointed the problem and said, "I decided to start this thread because many of my PS2 games were looking horrible on my HDTV when played through the PS3. The games look fantastic when I play them via component from my PS2. So I used the SAME component cable on my PS3, kept the picture adjustments the same, and even set the PS3’s output resolution to 480i to emulate what the PS2 was doing. Here are my results on the SAME TV. Since I am setting up my PS3 to the SAME conditions that my PS2 outputs, I do not believe this is a TV issue as some here have asserted. Sony thus far has played dumb when we call them…"

But since the release of the new firmware, a joyful message was posted at the forums, announcing the good news, "The day is here! Firmware 1.50 has fixed the glitch!!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed their experiences, pictures, and support. My thread would be nothing without you. I truly believe that we greatly expedited the process of getting this addressed by Sony. All of your calls, letters, e-mails, and on-line chats with Sony made all the difference. Thank you so much."

News of the PS3 backwards compatibility graphics glitch was carried by many game publications and websites and, no doubt, contributed to the pressure on Sony to address the problem quickly. Sony’s resolve to fix the glitch, whether it was due to consumer complaints or a commitment to make the PS3 the best game machine possible, has yielded the same positive result–the problem was fixed, and customers are satisfied.


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