Sony: Heavy Rain looks "brilliant"

Heavy Rain

Sony Product Manager Lucy Duncan has revealed that investing into Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain was a cautionary gamble that eventually led to the game amassing some impressive visuals that "shows off the power of the PS3".

"We hope that the gaming public will be as enthusiastic for Heavy Rain as we are. It looks brilliant, shows off the power of the PS3, but it is also garnering great reviews so we really hope people will give it a try."

Duncan also boasted about the PS3’s wide-ranging selection of gaming styles, placing particular note upon the recent glut of multiplayer-themed games flooding the market, causing single-player titles to be that much more unique.

"The core gamer currently is flooded with excellent multiplayer experiences, and of course the PlayStation Network as our platform for delivering multiplayer gameplay is a key part of our offering.

"However, we strive to offer a broad set of experiences and a return to the single player ‘adventure’ format but with a state of the art graphical presentation, a terrific noir narrative and a hugely innovative interface seems like a compelling proposition for the discerning gamer."

Heavy Rain is being developed by Quantic Dream, the studio responsible for the psychological thriller Indigo Prophecy.

Departing from the supernatural to pick up darker plot elements such as a film noir setting, the game will deliver a much more personalized story, according to director David Cage.

Heavy Rain will be released on February 23 for the PS3 only.




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