Sony not denying possible 'Sony Wiimote'

sony wiimoteSony steals right? Their systems include rumble technology, motion-sensors, wifi, but is it really stealing or borrowing good ideas? Now what if Sony started to make a controller that was exactly like the Nintendo Wii-mote?

Would that be stealing or utilizing an idea? Either way, Sony has declined to comment on speculation that it is making its very own Wiimote-style controller for PS3.

Reports suggest Sony ran secret focus groups in the US at the beginning of the year–console owners were shown the motion-sensing device. According to PlaystationLife the remote was "incredibly responsive and accurate." Some of the titles that were shown using this new controller featured tennis, fencing, and paintball, all with pinpoint accuracy.

Even though Sony is no real stranger to motion-sensing (SIXAXIS), they aren’t afraid to delve deeper in the interactive "physically manipulated" gameplay mechanics that the Nintendo Wii seems to be doing so well with.

I think the real question that should be asked here is if Sony is making a little backhanded mockery of Nintendo and telling everyone that even though the Wii-mote is intuitive and new, it’s only just a gimmick.

[via Eurogamer]



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