Sony Protection Group – fanboys level up

sonylogoA new website has recently popped up, called the Sony Protection Group. Basically, it appears to be a glorification of the fanboy-mentality, and has been constructed in response to the mounds of negative press surrounding Sony and the PS3.

A few snippets from the website:

"The Sony Protection Group is a group of Sony fans, who support Sony and the Playstation 3 and are against the Wii60 movement."

"The Sony Protection Group was founded by a guy named "Narutoboy". He was an active member on the official Playstation message board."

"Our mandate is to build and support a community of PlayStation console owners and fans where they can get news and information about their favorite gaming machine and participate in discussions with fellow PS3/PS2/PSP owners."

"Our main site consists of a blog, which is used for spreading factual information, not lies, fud, or rumors spread by other various websites such as kotaku and We also give the users here the ability to share their content, by allowing them to upload videos and pictures that they’ve made. The forum is the next piece of the website and probably the best part, because it allows all members to come together, share thoughts, and communicate."

" The Sony Protection Group isn’t just any ordinary online group. SPG is a movement against Wii60 and a movement towards the Playstation 3. It originally started out as an idea and a joke, but after the hatred and lies against the Playstation 3 increased, the SPG formed."

Excuse me while I giggle. News is news. Sony’s has simply been mostly bad, lately. When things change, the general opinions will shift. Don’t worry, fanboys. Play your PS2, instead.


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