Sony says, "Developers, don't abandon the PS3!"

ps3salessoarAccording to some comments on The Mercury News’ blog, Sony has been pleading with game developers to not abandon the PS3. While I can’t really picture executives getting down on their hands and knees to beg, I bet Sony is putting on their PR face and asking developers to stick around.

While there’s no source to that statement, there’s some evidence behind it. For example, the number of developers required to actually make a full-blown PS3 game dwarfs the number of developers required to make a Wii game. Put that in a financial point of view and you’ll notice that it’s financially safer to invest in Wii games since you’ll have to hire a less amount of developers.

There’s another example; last month, the Wii sold just over 500,000 units while the PS3 only sold 119,000 units. One of the reasons for the low sales numbers could be the simple lack of PS3 games on the market. So let’s take the snowball effect for a spin; if Sony cranks out more PS3 games, PS3 sales can increase. From this, you can definitely tell why Sony is trying to keep the game developers on-board.

It’s no surprise to see a boat-load of Wii games coming this holiday, but it’ll be even a bigger surprise when we see a boat-load of PS3 games come into port.


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