Sony sets up PS3 kiosk where???

The Bank ZoneIn a BANK?!?!

Yes, you read correctly. Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (SCEK) has installed the first instance of "THE BANK ZONE" – a lush utopia of gaming that many could never afford, in the very place that informs them of that painful fact.

This particular Bank Zone is located in the Shinhan Bank, and looks like a good reason to spend even more time in the bank than any person should.

For the record, The Bank Zone should NEVER come to the United States. As cool as it might sound, I can see the scenes now:

Men taking over all banking in every household across the nation, often going multiple times a day to keep finances in order, or "forgetting" to make key deposits and withdrawals; teenagers flooding the bank lobby, waiting for a chance to play a little bit of Metal Gear Solid 4 or Final Fantasy XIII; fighting amongst the employees at various retail establishments over who gets to make the daily deposits; increased security to go along with the increased bank traffic; over-enthusiastic GTA players inadvertently scaring customers into believing REAL crimes are taking place; and ME waiting even longer in line to make a damn deposit that would already take an hour to complete. :(

I guess I’d just have to sit down and play…

The Bank Zone


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