Sony to Reveal 27 PS3 Titles at TGS 2006

By Frank Ling, GN Senior Writer

Sony Corp. has announced that it will have 27 playable PS3 titles for the Tokyo Game Show event, which will be held from September 22-24. The first Tokyo Game Show was held in 1996 and occurred twice a year until 2002, in which the TGS was turned into an annual event held only in autumn.

Among the new titles available for public perusal are:

Heavenly Sword
Devil May Cry 4
Ridge Racer 7
Mobile Suit Gundam
The Eye of Judgment
Gran Turismo
Formula One World Championship
Resistance: Fall of Man
Hot Shots Golf
Fatal Inertia
Blade Storm
Mah-jongg Convention IV
Coded Arms
Armored Core 4

Analyst Hiroshi Kamide from KBC Securtities remarked to Reuters that, "It doesn’t necessarily mean everything is running according to plan, but it’s good to hear some positive development concerning the PlayStation 3."


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