Sony VP: Our Marketshare Will Drop

Sony,s vice president in charge of the PS3 launch says that he,s just as concerned as the rest of the public regarding the slow production of PS3 units, but that the delays are due to something the consumer doesn,t realize about the Blu-ray DVD system-it is extremely complicated. His remarks were made to NextGen.

Trenton said, "I’m like everybody else. I’m saying ‘come on! Just build ’em, man! What’s so complicated?’ But think about what that blue laser diode has to do. It has to read audio CDs, standard DVDs, Blu-ray DVDs, PlayStation 1 games, PlayStation 2 games, and PlayStation 3 games. Six completely different formats that have nothing to do with each other and you’re going to have one device that’s going to read all those".

He continued by saying that until PS3 production numbers increase dramatically, maintaining market share will be a difficult thing to accomplish. "The honest answer is we can’t overtake them until we ship more units than they’ve sold. But we will ultimately accomplish our goals. Our goals aren’t necessarily about overtaking Xbox 360 or overtaking Wii. It’s our goal to maintain our leadership position. If there are 125 million television households in North America, we’d like to be in all of them. Right now we’ve made it into about one out of three so there’s two out of three households that we’re not in".


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