Sony wants PS3 to appeal to a broader audience

audienceCasual gaming seems to be having a pretty strong effect on the game industry as the big boss of Sony, Kaz Hirai, has taken notice and will be trying to shift the PS3 into the PS2’s shoes…a game console that will appeal to a broader audience.

"If we’re talking about the casual gamer, the PS2 is probably the right choice for them. We don’t need the PS3 to feel like the console that will appeal to everyone at this point. We don’t need to have one console try to be everything to everybody just yet," said Hirai.

He wants the PS3 to evolve. "Just as the PS2 marketing and positioning has evolved over the past ten years, we’ll make sure the PS3 messaging evolves as well."

Hirai didn’t specifically state what the "evolving message" is going to be, but if he is talking about following the footsteps of the PS2, it will mean moving in a direction that has been the foundation of the PS2…the loyal fans who have a decided interest in a wide range of games.

[via MCV]


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