Sony's New Plan for MMORPGs

Massively multiplayer online role playing games, (MMORPG) make money not from just selling the game, but by the monthly subscription rates paid by the gamers to play and operate the game online. In other words, you may have bought the car, but you can™t go anywhere until you pay for the fuel. Sony Online Entertainment has decided to dump the subscription based model and experiment with a value added scheme. The basic game will be available without a monthly subscription fee. Extra billing charges will be added if and when a gamer decides to add more value to the game. In example, the gamer may want to buy bonuses, features, extra weapons, equipment, items or unexplored map areas. The idea is not without merit as Everquest 2 reportedly made over $175,000 in its first month of selling virtual items from its website. Sony Online Entertainment has not released any details on the game they will release, but has stated that it will be coming very soon. Imagine, you may be able to buy the Ferrari you™ve always wanted for only a couple of quarters. Need a bigger castle? That will be one dollar, please. If only the real world were this inexpensive


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