Sony's new PS3 ad campaign — Good, bad or ugly?

Sony is famous for having some of the weirdest advertising commercials in the gaming industry. Many of them are just plain strange, while others have mature and sometimes even scary themes behind them.

The first PS3 television ads struck me as rather odd. I kept asking myself, "Is anybody that’s not a hardcore gamer really going to care about this?" I don’t think the "white room with a PS3 in it" advertising campaign truly worked. Sure, it showed the power of the PS3, but did it really have a huge effect on the general viewing audience?

Based on the four images released from Sony’s new ad photos for the PS3, one can tell that they’ve started to calm down a little bit. Maybe Sony finally realized that their old ads were garbage, and that the bad campaign was one of the driving factors behind the slow sales.

The new images show four normal looking college students, dressed in preppy clothing and having a great time while playing on the PS3. While this goes in the complete opposite direction that Sony was heading toward, I think that the change will do them good. The advertisement is undoubtedly more appealing to the younger gamer audience.

What do you think about the new ads?


[via gameswank]


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