Sorry Internet, no surprise Final Fantasy 7 in August

It wouldn’t be the Internet without a daily dose of random rumors creating new hope in Final Fantasy VII fanboys. Today’s winner comes courtesy of numerous sites via Best Buy’s latest advertisements, which claim an August 18 release of Final Fantasy VII on the PS3.

The images taken with various iPhones and cameras at multiple Best Buys throughout the US gave hope to some that Square has pulled another Song Summoner, keeping a new game hidden Apple style until it’s ready for release, but sorry to say that’s not the case. (And if you’re one of the people who knew the whole time this was just something messed up on Best Buy’s end, keep in mind how desperate and hopeful FF7 fans are for a remake of the game.) 

After being emailed for their stance on the issue, Square Enix had this to say: "That advertisement is inaccurate and we are investigating the issue at this time. We currently don’t have any plans for a FFVII remake."

So there you have it. Somehow Best Buy managed to put Final Fantasy VII on their advertisements, and Square’s looking into it. Case (and rumor) closed.


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