Space combat revealed for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Space combat! Wooooooo!

BioWare has announced and detailed on the official site for high-anticipated MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic that the game will have space combat. This coincided with the release of the newest issue of PC Gamer, which features the game’s new gameplay as its cover story.

"In keeping with the original Star Wars films, the Space Combat system in Star Wars: The Old Republic is designed to make travel times literally fly-by, while combat runs and space battles put you in the pilot’s seat for a fast-paced and highly cinematic experience," reads the site. "Like Luke Skywalker in the original assault on the Death Star, you’ll also discover that even a lone starship can change the course of galactic history."

BioWare told PC Gamer that the combat will not be similar to that of the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter games, but more of what the developer described to the magazine as a "tunnel shooter". After hearing the description, PC Gamer likened it to the gameplay of another Star Wars space combat series, Rogue Squadron. BioWare provided its explanation of the combat on its website.

"You’ll be put on a direct course towards your objective and you’ll maneuver your ship through obstacles and deal with enemies that cross your path," states the site. "It’s truly a ‘combat’ experience."

Each combat mission will have sidequests that players can complete on their way to their final objective. This objective can vary from helping to escort a shuttle to safety or taking down an enemy cruiser. Each completed sidequest and final objective will give players rewards that can be used in other parts of the game.

As of now, PC Gamer reports that all space combat will be single-player instances. But they also report that BioWare plans to eventually implement PvP and co-op into these epic space encounters.

The feature on The Old Republic website even came with an eye-popping video of the in-game combat. Enjoy it below.

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[Star Wars: The Old Republic Official Website]


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