Speculation rampant about new Microsoft device

For a few days, Microsoft has been hinting at a new product called Microsoft Surface. While details are scarce, some videos are available for streaming at the site which showcases the versatility of the product. Surface seems to be marketed as an entertainment product — viewing and manipulating pictures, playing movies, drawing, display programs, music; all of these are just samples of what Microsoft could be brewing up.

zuneFurther speculation from sources on Gizmodo note that Surface may be used in connection to Microsoft’s portable music player Zune. Surface could act as a retail interface –like a touch screen iTunes. With touch screen technology, you could put your Zune and credit card onto the table and they would be instantly recognized. You could drag songs to your player from the Surface.

Others say that Surface maybe a rear-projection table, which will use a variety of projectors to showcase media. Some sources indicate that various casinos and hotels are already partnering up with Microsoft to use Surface. However, there are also rumors that the new device will be a full-blown touch-friendly gaming console–more like a Wii on steroids.

restaurantHow about Surface being used for entertainment or business purposes? Just imagine sitting down in a restaurant while Surface screens up a virtual menu — you select what you want via the touch screen and can easily pay for your meal just by placing your credit card on Surface. Say good-bye to waiters!

It’s expected that Microsoft will reveal the product tonight at midnight and we can all finally find out what Suface really does. But don’t expect to run out and buy one for yourself. The rumormed price for the unit is a cool $10,000.

Gee, you could almost buy 17 PS3s for that amount of money.


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