Square Enix announces two new games for the PSP

parasite eveAt Square Enix’s private event "DKΣ3713" (why it had to be a private party, I have no clue), they announced two new games being developed for the PSP amongst other not-so-exciting news regarding a FFXIII demo.

The first PSP bound game is called The 3rd Birthday, the latest installment in the faded and possibly forgotten RPG/Horror series Parasite Eve, which began on PSone in the late ’90s. Not much is known about the game yet, but we do know it’s going to be a sort of "sequel" to Parasite Eve II. You will be able to control protagonist Aya Brea but played differently than the previous Parasite Eve games. There is no solid date on the release but they did tease us with a "2009 release" window.

The second PSP game is Final Fantasy XIII Agito, which was previously announced to be a mobile phone game. It takes place in the universe of "Fabula Nova Crystallis", in which it will share similarities (of what, we don’t exactly know at the moment) with FFXIII and FFXIII Versus. Even though FFXIII Agito was announced many months ago, we have firm confirmation that it is indeed coming to the PSP, eventually. No word on whether the intended mobile phone game will be made or not.

[via EuroGamer]


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