Square Enix CEO says PS3 price still too high

BWps3With the recent announcement by Sony of the much asked for and hoped for price drop, (from $599 to $499 USD), there are still some out there that continue to say that in spite of the $100 cut, the PS3 is still too expensive for a game console.

We all know that some gamers still feel this way, after all, $499 isn’t exactly pocket change for a lot of us. But one person from the game industry agrees with this opinion too, and that one person is none other than the president and CEO of Square Enix, John Yamamoto.

Yamamoto said to GamesIndustry.giz at E3 that, "I think USD 500 for PS3 is still a bit expensive for most gamers. Most of them think that price is still high."

He also believes that our cousins across the sea should get a price break as well. "Yes, because they started at USD 600 and EUR 600 – so maybe it would be better to come down to EUR 500."

What we’d like to know is this: is there any chance that Mr. Yamamoto can be hired onto the management staff of Sony? He seems to understand the gamer’s mind pretty well, if you ask us.


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