Star Wars sweepstakes held by USPS and LucasFilms

As the acting resident Star Wars nerd around here at GamerNode, I have to know a lot about the minutiae of the Star Wars universe. You need to know answers to such questions as, "What were the names of Luke Skywalker’s aunt and uncle?" (a pitifully easy question for Jedi trivia buffs) all the way down to harder questions like, "What or where is Tantive IV?" (answer at the bottom of this article.)

Are you a Star Wars trivia fan? If so, you may want to enter the United States Post Office Star Wars Sweepstakes to score the Grand Prize. If you are the lucky winner, you’ll be flown to Los Angeles to participate in the Star Wars IV convention with $2000 of pocket money to buy that original Darth Vader coffee mug you’ve always wanted. (Or, you can spend the cash on such non-essentials as food.)

The contest is a joint promotion by the USPS and LucasFilm to decide on the artwork for a new Star Wars postage stamp. When you logon, you’ll face a gauntlet of Star Wars trivia and unabashed US Postal service advertising when you submit your entry. The website is well done and will offer you a chance to have a little fun as you take the quiz and vote for your favorite Star Wars postage stamp art.

If you’d like to enter, you have until May 7 to do so. To see if you are a Jedi Master at Star Wars trivia, logon to the official USPS site.

(answer to Tantive IV question: It’s the name of the starship that Princess Leia was aboard in the opening scenes of Episode IV.)


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