Start earning Fable II money early

You can never have enough money when it comes to RPGs. Snagging the best loot early on makes the first few levels a breeze, making what could be a terrible grind more manageable. So how would Fable fans like the chance to earn all the money they could possibly want before Fable II hits? If you’ve got spare time, a love for mini-games, and extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket then pre-ordering Fable II is the answer.

Microsoft is launching an incentive program where those who slap down the extra dollars can have access to several mini-games all based around money earning mini-games which can then be used in Fable II once it launches. No cap has been mentioned by either the Microsoft or Lionhead camp, so conceieveably gamers could be sitting on a truckload on money come Fable II’s launch day. Those not wanting to pre-order Fable II can buy the mini-game pack for 800MS points. While a nice option, there really doesn’t seem to be an incentive to get the games this way. You have access to the mini-games if you pre-order reguardless, and they will be included in the final copy of Fable II, limited or regular. For once pre-ordering a game has some benefits.



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