Student expelled for Counter-Strike game map

Some talented gamers go beyond just playing video games; some have resorted to making maps or levels for their personal enjoyment. One such high school student in Texas was expelled after he uploaded a Counter-Strike map he designed. The reason for all the concern was because of the map’s setting — it was based upon the layout plans of the high school he was attending. Word of the Counter-Strike map got out when kids alerted their parents of the downloadable game. The parents then reported the incident to the police.

The student, who is Chinese, was accused of "a terroristic threat." Richard Chen, President of the Chinese-American Voters League, sees the arrest as an over-reaction spawned by the Virginia Tech shootings. "All he did was create a map and put it on a web site to allow students to play…" Police went to the student’s house to search his room to investigate the incident.

The suspect, who was not formally charged for his actions, will be sent to an alternative education school and will not participate in his high school’s graduation ceremonies. Chen said, "The mother thinks this is too harsh."



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