Study shows Americans crave creativity, Nintendo responds

art academy ds

A public opinion survey firm called Wakefield Research was recently tasked with gathering statistics regarding Americans’ feelings towards creativity. Guess who hired them?

Nintendo of America has just published Wakefield Research’s findings, and the bottom line is Americans wish they and their families were more creative. According to the online poll surveying 1000 eighteen and older Americans (400 of which were mothers), 81% wish they were more creative. 80% also find creativity to be "one of the rarest skills in the workplace" and two-thirds of the parents polled said they would rather their child be creative than athletic. Personally, none of these statistics really surprise me (even Picasso wished he was "more creative"), but it means a lot to Nintendo.

Why, you may ask? Because Nintendo believes that their recently released DS title, Art Academy, can begin to fill the creative void. Marc Franklin, the director for PR at NoA had this to say, "People clearly share a desire for more creative inspiration. We were surprised to learn that nearly one in four people feel bored or frustrated because they don’t have a creative outlet. Art Academy includes lessons and a Free Paint mode that can help fill that void by providing a daily creative outlet for people, whether they use the software at home or on the go."

Nintendo of America – saving children from childhood boredom one child at a time. If you’re itching to get your art on, Art Academy is now available for the Nintendo DS. 


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