Surfer Girl — Exit stage right

surfer girlWithin the game industry there is a person whose presence has been usually tolerated or looked up to, depending on your viewpoint. Longtime blogger and rumor rat, SurferGirl, has given her share of tips, gossip and viewpoints about the game industry for a while but has evidently called it quits according to her last blog.

The site Surfer Girl Reviewed Star Wars, was an insider source of information and commentary on the world of video gaming. Her views and style–both appreciated and criticized by the gaming community, was none-the-less, a favorite of game journalists.

In her last post she exited the world of video game blogging in what some would say, by sounding just a bit bitter about the state of games, as she referred to a video she posted to explain her feelings.

What I’m saying above should be obvious, if you know what the title means and/or watched the video. But it is probably not, so what I am saying is that this is the final post.

  • Please don’t devote coverage to this–focus on any of the plethora of more important things such as QoL issues.
  • Industryites, bad QoL situations will not get better by telling no one about them.
  • What was the point of this blog? Force folks to pay attention to important things going on in the real world and encourage them to become activists for social and political progress. I probably failed miserably, but at least I tried.
  • You cannot honestly be surprised that Doom 4 was announced, can you? I’m guessing you are the kind that will be shocked when things like Call of Duty 6, Diablo III, Hitman 5, Onimusha 5, Max Payne 3, the non-wagglefest starring those Rabbids, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 3, Sniper Studios’ Capcom title, Dynasty Warriors 8, NBA Street 5 and Turok 2 are announced.
  • Yeah, Boom Blox is one of the best games to hit a Nintendo platform in years and some folks at NoE/NoA lotcheck think so too.

Anything else?

Goodbye Surfer Girl. We hope you’ll be able to change the world in some other way besides blogging about video games.

[via softrockhallelujah]


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