Surge protectors causing the Red Ring of Death?

surgeprotectorIs it possible that surge protectors are the reason that Xbox 360s show ONE THIRD of gamers the lovely red ring of death? According to Microsoft, it is.

One account of an exchange with MS played out as follows:

My Xbox 360 died. And so, I called 1-800-4-MY-XBOX today… While I was on the phone, the rep… informed me that my surge protector had probably caused both of my 360 deaths…

The explanation (which he said comes from somewhere up the Microsoft chain) is as follows:

The Xbox 360 is highly sensitive to reductions in power, and even the slightest cut in power can cause things like the fans and even the DVD laser to malfunction. Surge protectors can cause this, and probably 90% of the consoles they see have all failed in 6-12 months of being plugged into a surge protector.

Well, my two systems did die in that window, and they were both plugged into a surge protector. But does this explanation even make sense? …Or is this just another misdirection?

Does it make sense? No. No it doesn’t. How could Microsoft manufacture a gaming machine that BREAKS when it’s plugged into such a commonplace electrical item? Surge protectors are designed to PROTECT electronic devices. From what Microsoft is saying, the company has completely failed to create a basically functional video game console.

They should be ashamed.

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