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By Anthony LaBella, August 27, 2012 0 GN

Free-to-play games have made a massive surge on the PC over the past year or so, and even Sony has gotten in on the action. Now Microsoft will be following suit this fall with the release of the Xbox 360’s… Read More »

By Mike Murphy, July 28, 2012 2 Previews

World of Warplanes was impressive when I got to see it in action back at PAX East in April. The quick, no-nonsense battles combined with the promises of an RPG tech tree and shared experience points with both World of… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, May 25, 2012 0 GN Show

Eddie, Dan, Mike, and Greg prep for E3 2012 with predictions, wishes, and their most anticipated games of the show. E3 2012 is almost here, and the GamerNode staff is gearing up for an awesome show! On this episode of… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 17, 2012 0 GN

Thanks to some “silliness” in handing out Beta invites over the weekend, Uber Entertainment has decided to release Super Monday Night Combat today. That means you can go download the free-to-play sequel on Steam right now. Posting on the company… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, February 24, 2012 0 GN

The free-to-play model has been making a big impact in MMOs in recent years, but now Sony and Guerrilla Games have plans to extend that effort into the first-person shooter realm. According to the most recent PlayStation Blogcast, a standalone… Read More »

By Anthony LaBella, January 30, 2012 0 GN

With a whole slew of MMOs going free-to-play in recent years, it seems that subscription models are becoming a thing of the past. But according to developer Turbine, that’s not entirely true. Adam Mersky, head of digital communications at Warner… Read More »

By Brad Tramel, December 8, 2011 0 GN

Beginning today all PC users will be able to download, install, and launch Everquest II for free, according to an announcement from Sony Online Entertainment. The announcement coincides with the release of Everquest II‘s eighth expansion, “Age of Discovery.” The… Read More »