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By Mike Deas, January 29, 2012 0 Features

The first-person perspective in a video game is meant to convey the intimacy of assuming another’s consciousness, living in those virtual shoes. Take the airport terrorist situation in COD: Modern Warfare 2. The first-person perspective is a tool that –… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 24, 2011 0 Features

With the release of new official trailer for Modern Warfare 3, the wish lists begin. Modern Warfare 2 fell down on its stacked kill streaks, noob-tubes, and claymores. Black Ops fixed the big targets from Modern Warfare 2, but it’s… Read More »

VS Node No Bounds: Episodes From Online Gaming

By GamerNode Staff, February 2, 2010 0 GN Show

Eddie, Jason, Tyler, Mike, and Matt share stories about online gaming and berate Gamecrush.com. Eddie, Jason, Tyler, Mike, and Matt share their experiences with online gaming and then move on to examine a reprehensible website that objectifies women just like… Read More »

VS Node 10: Naughty or Nice

By GamerNode Staff, December 6, 2009 0 GN Show

Eddie, Jason, and Tyler talk about morality systems and the choices players make in videogames. Eddie Inzauto, Jason Fanelli, and Tyler Cameron laugh through a discussion about morality in videogames, but still manage to think critically about the topic at… Read More »