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By GamerNode Staff, February 3, 2010 0 Columns

The beginning of 2010 feels like one long homage to the God of War franchise. With Bayonetta, Darksiders, Dante’s Inferno, and, well, God of War III all coming along during 2010’s first quarter, we thought it’d be very appropriate to… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, October 6, 2009 0 Columns

What do you get when Disney teams up with Squaresoft (now Square Enix)? Quite simply, you get a less intensive, action-oriented version of the Japanese RPG… featuring tons of Disney characters. Kingdom Hearts was received very well when released in… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, September 21, 2009 0 Columns

The return of the Prince saw big changes for the high-flying franchise; a new art style, new acrobatic controls, and the death-guarding sidekick, Elika, were among those changes. The game received strong review scores alongside complaints regarding its relative ease… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, September 1, 2009 0 Columns

An early hit on the Xbox 360, Dead Rising featured more zombies than had ever been seen in a videogame before, along with plenty of ways to massacre them. If you’ve been listening to the VS Node Podcast, you may… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, September 1, 2008 0 Columns

Today’s One Word Review is of a game filled with animals…who are filled with candy. The sequel to Viva Pinata comes out this week, so GamerNode is taking a look back at this original surprise hit. Despite its cutesy exterior,… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, August 25, 2008 0 Columns

Metroid Prime was the first game in this classic Nintendo franchise to make the jump into the third dimension for the GameCube back in 2002. The critical reception of Metroid Prime was universally positive, and it is still quite uncommon… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, August 18, 2008 0 Columns

Too Human finally hits stores this week, arriving at the end of an all-too-long nine-year development cycle that has spanned three different gaming consoles. The agonizingly lengthy wait for this game almost makes it difficult to remember Silicon Knights’ previous… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, August 11, 2008 0 Columns

With Madden 09 hitting stores this Tuesday, GamerNode is taking a look at the entire Madden franchise for this week’s One Word Review. The series has been a fixture in the gaming world since 1991, and has grown into what… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, August 3, 2008 0 Columns

This week’s OWR is of a classic Super NES RPG, Earthbound. This game has a tremendous cult following around the world, as evidenced by sites such as Starmen.net, who work tirelessly to get the game’s sequel published in western markets… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, July 27, 2008 0 Columns

With Soul Calibur IV hitting store shelves this week, GamerNode is taking a look at the game that kick-started the weapons-based fighting franchise back in 1998 for today’s OWR. It’s been called "brilliant," "staggering," "glorious," and "a masterpiece," among plenty… Read More »