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By GamerNode Staff, July 13, 2008 0 Columns

Oregon Trail is a game that will seemingly live on forever, at least in the hearts and minds of those who played it. It was a common sight in many-an-elementary school computer class, and fording the river, buying oxen, and… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, July 6, 2008 0 Columns

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most revered role-playing games of all time. It was Final Fantasy’s first step into the 3D realm, and was an introduction to both the genre and to epic videogame storytelling for many-a-gamer. The… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, June 29, 2008 0 Columns

With the newest installment in the franchise, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, dropping today, GamerNode has decided to One Word Review the entire series, which is more a series of expansions than completely individualized games. They have been called "perfect," "amazing," and,… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, June 22, 2008 0 Columns

The free-to-play MMORPG Mythos was on the receiving end of a large-scale retooling this weekend, moving from an almost entirely instanced gaming experience (save for hub towns and safe locations, a la Guild Wars) to a persistent world style, much… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, June 15, 2008 0 Columns

If you’ve been hanging around GamerNode at all this weekend, you’ve probably noticed that Brendon has gotten his hands on the full version of the Spore Creature Creator and has been streaming his editing sessions live, as well as having… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, June 9, 2008 0 Columns

Another big-name sequel is on the horizon, and thus, members of the gaming community find themselves thinking about previous entries in the series. This time, it’s Metal Gear Solid 4 hitting stores in a few days, so GamerNode has chosen… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, June 1, 2008 0 Columns

With Ninja Gaiden 2 right around the corner (Tuesday!), the GamerNode staff will be revisiting Ryu Hayabusa’s first 3-D action trip for this week’s OWR. Ninja Gaiden was released to tremendous critical acclaim back in 2004, to the tune of… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 25, 2008 0 Columns

One of last year’s biggest Xbox 360 hits and recipient of second place honors in GamerNode’s 2nd annual Nodie Awards, BioWare’s Mass Effect will arrive on the PC this week in a slick, updated form. Lots of the guys around… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 18, 2008 0 Columns

This week’s OWR is for everyone’s favorite home console pack-in title, Wii Sports. With Wii Fit hitting store shelves tomorrow, we thought it only appropriate to OWR the very first "Wii ______" game. When the Wii was released, Wii Sports… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, May 11, 2008 0 Columns

Before getting down to business, GamerNode would first like to thank everyone for participating in the first edition of OWR last week, and we hope you are ready for more unique and fun content of a similar nature in the… Read More »