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Sony To Feature PS3 at Taipei Game Show

By GamerNode Staff, February 9, 2006 0 GN

Sony announced that their Playstation 3 will be on display for the Taipei Game Show, held on February 16th through the 20th. The only question is whether or not Sony will release new details on the system. I™m personally hoping… Read More »

Japanese Retailers Predict Price of PS3 and Revolution

By GamerNode Staff, February 6, 2006 0 GN

Speculation about the price points of Sony™s PS3 and Nintendo™s Revolution continue to grow. A survey conducted by Japanese game publication, Famitsu, added to the conjectures. According to a recent survey conducted by Famitsu, gamers, publishers and retailers, were asked… Read More »

New Speculation On PS3 Launch Price: $400 or More

By GamerNode Staff, January 24, 2006 0 GN

Whatever the market will bear, is a bit of sage business wisdom that has been floating around for years. What this boils down to is that businesses can charge whatever they want as long as the consumer doesn™t balk at… Read More »

Epic Games VP Speaks on Unreal Tournament Launch for PS3

By GamerNode Staff, January 4, 2006 0 GN

The speculation over ,“Unreal Tournament 2007,” as a launch title for the PS3 took another turn today as Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, put in his comments about the rumors. In the January 2006 edition of PSM (Playstation… Read More »

Unreal Tournament 2007 for PS3?

By GamerNode Staff, January 3, 2006 0 GN

Last year during a conference held before E3, Epic cofounder Tim Sweeny announced that they had received a PS3 software development kit. Also during his speech, he showed off a little tech demo of a first person shooter using the… Read More »

ATI Executive Pans the PS3

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

Edge Magazine interviewed Richard Huddy, the European Developers Relations manager for ATI. Mr. Huddy had a few discouraging words for the upcoming PS3 machine and called it unrefined. Now that™s what I call elegant name calling. In the article, he… Read More »

Guerrilla Games Gobbled Up

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

Sony announced early this month that it had purchased Guerrilla Games, the developer of the Killzone FPS series. While financial details were not disclosed, the companies shared a very close working relationship following the signing of an exclusivity contract in… Read More »

Warhawk, Lair to Launch with PlayStation 3

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

Factor 5’s upcoming Lair and Sony’s WarHawk will both be launch titles for the PlayStation 3, according to an interview earlier this month in PlayStation Magazine with Jack Tretton. Tretton is the COO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. “We've …… Read More »

Sony to Remove Regional Codes from PlayStation 3?

By GamerNode Staff, November 10, 2005 0 GN

Managing Director, Michael Ephraim of Sony Computer Entertainment of Australia, has stated that Sony may abandon its regional coding policy in which video games are manufactured to play only on game machines made specifically for that country™s location. As an… Read More »

New Details on PS3 Launch Price

By GamerNode Staff, November 8, 2005 0 GN

Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Corp., has given further details on the PS3™s price-point today in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Stringer said that the pricing of the PS3, (considered by many to be too high for a next-gen… Read More »