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By Eddie Inzauto, April 13, 2021 0 BG Review, Videos

Pull a chair up & sit down with Eddie Inzauto as he reviews the 2-4 player card-drafting and set collection game, Elysium. This 2015 game from publisher Space Cowboys was designed by Brett J. Gilbert and Matthew Dunstan, and is… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, January 23, 2020 0 GN Show

Eddie finally delivers a Top 10 list. It’s Sci-Fi games! Eddie is back from outer space and he talks about his favorite sci-fi board games in the first of a series of lists slated to hit the GamerNode Show in… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, December 22, 2017 0 GN Show

Eddie and Bianca discuss (spoiler-free) the first half of Charterstone, and the latest scenario for T.I.M.E. Stories We’ve made it halfway through Charterstone! How is it so far? Has Stonemaier Games once again struck gold? And we’ve completed the latest… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, March 13, 2017 0 GN Show

Eddie and Bianca escape the room in Unlock! and Escape Room: The Game, and go for their first run in T.I.M.E. Stories. Eddie Inzauto and Bianca Figueroa-Santana compare Escape Room: The Game from Identity Games and Spin Master Games with… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, April 21, 2016 0 VG Review

Splendor for Steam and mobile devices is a faithful, functional, and streamlined rendition of Space Cowboys and Asmodée’s tabletop drafting and engine-building game. The automation of the analog mechanics make digital games move quickly and efficiently, reducing potential downtime but detracting… Read More »

By Eddie Inzauto, April 2, 2016 0 BG Review

It’s the Renaissance and you are a gem merchant, acquiring, trading, and selling gems…or something. Splendor‘s theme is entirely pasted on, but the game’s mechanics are well worth the price of admission. Splendor‘s simple and elegant yet deep and engaging… Read More »