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By GamerNode Staff, January 18, 2006 0 GN

There is a revolution that is so quiet that it has almost gone unnoticed by the gaming community. Of course, we™re referring to Nintendo™s Revolution. But the quietness is breaking as Sankei Shibun, a Japanese newspaper, has reported details on… Read More »

Nintendo’s Take on Next-Gen Power

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

A GN staffer recently received a form letter from Nintendo in response to an inquiry regarding the relative power level of the Revolution in relation to other consoles. The letter reads: Our competitors would have you believe that the next… Read More »

Twilight Princess Joins the Revolution

By GamerNode Staff, December 30, 2005 0 GN

By Frank Ling, GN Writer Thursday, December 29, 2005 In a report found in NGC Magazine, the next Zelda game, “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, for the GameCube, will be playable on the Revolution. Big whoop, right? Not so fast… Read More »

Revolution Secrets Revealed

By GamerNode Staff, October 31, 2005 0 GN

By Frank Ling, GN Writer Monday, October 31, 2005 Microsoft and Sony have been heavily touting the qualities and features of their next-gen game consoles, but Nintendo has been relatively quiet in comparison. However, Nintendo™s Jim Merrick, senior director of… Read More »