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JAWS Unleashed Review

By GamerNode Staff, June 19, 2006 0 GN, VG Review

By John Duong, GN Writer The concept of Jaws Unleashed seriously sounds like some deranged developer’s attempt to crossbreed Finding Nemo with Grand Theft Auto. Set thirty years after the events of the original movie, the game takes us back… Read More »

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 Review

By GamerNode Staff, May 31, 2006 0 GN, VG Review

By John Duong, GN Writer EA may be the general leading authority when it comes to developing high profile sports series like Madden, Fight Night, and NASCAR, but in the realm of soccer, it’s Konami that comes out on top… Read More »

Free 'Xbox Live' Week Proves Phenomenal

By GamerNode Staff, May 19, 2006 0 GN

By Frank Ling, GN Senior Writer During the E3 conference, Microsoft decided to open its doors to its Xbox Live Marketplace to provide a free week of gold membership to Xbox owners. No one had to twist the arms of… Read More »

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Review

By GamerNode Staff, May 17, 2006 0 GN, VG Review

By Mitch West, GN Writer No game genre seems to be as difficult to get right as the adventure genre. If it’s done correctly then a game can quickly become an epic masterpiece. However, the majority of titles in this… Read More »

E3 '06: Eragon Preview

By GamerNode Staff, May 16, 2006 0 Previews

By Jesse Wingert and Mitch West At E3, the GamerNode staff got to view a preview for the new game based on the Christoper Paolini’s novel, Eragon. It is the first book of the Inheritance Trilogy and has spent over… Read More »

Darkwatch Review

By GamerNode Staff, May 9, 2006 0 GN, VG Review

Darkwatch has had a very long and tumultuous production life. Sometimes this means that the finished product is top notch, but most games that are caught in production limbo go the way of Daikatana. After getting tossed around from production… Read More »

Free Xbox Live Weekend. Really!

By GamerNode Staff, March 10, 2006 0 GN

A few weeks ago, Xbox Live subscribers saw something on the calendar of events that sounded almost too good to be true. On April 1st was an event that indicating the date as a free weekend of Xbox Live. How… Read More »

Present-gen Xbox Games at Bargain Prices

By GamerNode Staff, March 1, 2006 0 GN

There’s some good news and bad news coming to present-gen Xbox fans. The good news is that Microsoft has dropped the prices of 11 of its titles and has placed them in the “Best of Platinum Hits” category. Each title… Read More »

Will the 360 Go Black?

By GamerNode Staff, February 24, 2006 0 GN

With the imminent release of the game BLACK for the PS2, many in the Xbox 360 community have been wondering, “When does this great shooter come out for us?” According to remarks made to Eurogamer, the answer appears to be,… Read More »

The Future Looks… Black

By GamerNode Staff, February 8, 2006 0 GN

Today is a Black day for companies EA and Criterion Games. After 19 months, since it was shown at E3 2004, their mysterious FPS for the PS2 then titled “Black”, has been shipped to the factory for reproduction. During that… Read More »