Take-Two sues CTA for GTA ad pulls

gtaSome of you may remember the issue involving GTAIV advertisements in Chicago buses, and how CTA ultimately pulled them due to a Fox report. Well, Take-Two is now taking some action against the unwarranted hatred of the GTA franchise. They are now filing a lawsuit against CTA. 

The issue initially came up a few weeks ago, when Fox broadcasted one of its usual one-sided, anti-game stories about how the CTA was allowing advertisements for the "unapologetically violent" GTAIV video game. The story stirred up so much controversy that, in the end, the CTA pulled the ads to gain back the support they lost when viewers were swayed in favor of Fox.

Now Take-Two is angry. Angry enough, in fact, to file a lawsuit. They claim that the CTA broke an ad agreement amounting to $300,000, violated free speech, and pulled the ads without reason. The pulling of these ads may have also started a chain reaction; Miami-Dade Transit, for example, pulled their GTAIV soon after CTA pulled theirs. Take-Two wants restitution and the reapplication of the ads on CTA buses and train platforms.

Finally, Take-Two is fighting back! After taking years of heat from anti-game activists and one sided news broadcasters such as Fox, they are finally standing up for themselves, But in essence, perhaps they may very well be standing up for the whole game industry.


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