Tecmo announces new games: new Tecmo Bowl and Rygar!

temcologoTecmo held its own press event last night, which was dubbed Tecmo’s Nite Out ’07, and the Japanese company announced its line of new and upcoming games. The event kicked off with Tecmo president Yoshimi Yasuda going over the new games scheduled for the Nintendo DS, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. The first order of business for the night was about an update for the upcoming PS3-exclusive, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Yosuke Hayashi, Manager and Director for NGS, stated that game development is finished and the game will ship to Japan on June 14 and to the U.S. on July 3.

Next up was information on the Japanese-only mystery game, Kyotaro Nishimura Suspense for the Nintendo DS. The game has been compared to Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk and is based on a series of mystery novels from author Kyotaro Nishimura. The game will begin shipping to Japan this fall.MonsterRancher

Third, Tecmo announced the next game in the Monster Rancher franchise, Monster Rancher DS (or Monster Farm DS in Japan). This time around, you’ll be able to create your own monsters either by drawing them, using the DS microphone, or using various GBA cartridges to create and extract monsters. The game is scheduled for release in Japan, but a U.S. release is expected in the future.

Next, Tecmo announced the next game in their Rygar franchise dubbed Project Rygar. The game will be for the Nintendo Wii and will feature a new hero, a new setting, new enemies and swinging action as you control Rygar’s Diskarmor with the Wiimote. More information about the game will be made next year.

TemcoBowlAfterwards, Mr. Inaga, Vice President of Tecmo, took the stage to announce a new Tecmo Bowl game. A trailer was shown but didn’t include anything about the game other than it’ll be released in 2008. As to alluding to what platform it’ll appear on, Inaga said, "I can’t tell you what platform we’re making it for. But I can tell you that it’s probably not going to be on the platform that you’re expecting… if that makes any sense." (no it doesn’t. — ed) The new Tecmo Bowl game won’t be a port of the classic NES game.

Next up was Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS. The game is not considered a branch of the Ninja Gaiden series, or in another words; it’s just part of the main series. Dragon Sword will take place 6 months after the release of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The game will be out this fall.

Last but not least, Tecmo president Yasuda took the stage again to announce that Tecmo is forming a new developmental team called Team Tachyon. While he didn’t announce which games Tachyon will be working on, the team "will support the future of Tecmo."

[Via IGN


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