Tests Show PS3 Downgrades 720p Resolution Games to 480p On Older HDTVs

If you have an older model HDTV which only supports 1080i, 480i and 480p, you may be out of luck in seeing PS3 games in upscale mode to 1080i resolution. Some PS3 games which run at 720p will be bumped down to the lower standard of 480p instead of pushed up to 1080i mode. Basically, what this means is that older HDTVs, which lack the 720p output on their screens, will play PS3 in the plain resolution of a normal TV set.

Several tests were conducted by IGN and the results showed that games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, Need for Speed Carbon, and other titles which run at the 720p resolution were indeed bumped down to 480p output by the PS3.

Users with more recent HDTVs, which include the missing 720p output that older sets lack, will have no problem


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