TF2 Demoman waging "War" with old timey weapons


If you haven’t been paying attention to Team Fortress 2 as of late, the newest update "War", is pitting the Demoman against the Soldiers in an all out, well, war. Valve has already revealed that crafting will come to TF2, and now the Demoman class is getting their next weapon. Dubbed the "Close Combat Kit", the explosive class will be able to wield sword and shield against their foes.

The sword, titled "The Eyelander", grants an instant decapitation when used. The downside is that you take a hit to your max health. Every enemy you kill though, grants a boost to your health and speed, and stacks up to four kills. You will not be able to inflict criticals with the sword on its own, but you will be able to in conjuction with the shield, "The Chargin’ Tate". The shield grants a +50% fire damage resistance and +65% blast damage resistance. Alt-firing with the shield makes you charge at top speed towards your target. Use the sword and you execute a critical hit. 

With crafting, equippable items, and stat changing weapons, TF2 is quickly becoming a…..whats the word…..MMO. And it’s interesting to see this kind of change happen through frequent and meaty updates.

[Team Fortress 2 Site]


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