TF2 updates coming to 360 (but you'll have to pay)

As fans of TF2 know, one of the reasons the game has stayed great is the constant updating. New guns, food groups, and more keep the game fun,f resh, and (depending on your sense of humor) hilarious.

But what about the 360 owners of The Orange Box? Unfortunately, right now they’re missing out. Fortunately, they won’t have to miss out forever, as Valve’s Doug Lombardi has revealed that eventually the company is going to bring the Team Fortress 2 updates to the Xbox 360. (No word on PS3 yet, sorry guys.)

Due to Microsoft’s pricing structure, Valve won’t be allowed to release the update for free. To try and make the pain of paying for free updates easier, Valve’s waiting to package a big group of them together for the lowest price they’ll be allowed to get away with, which will hopefully be no more than $10.

So have no fear, Xbox Live TF2ers-you’ll be om nom nom’ing in no time.


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