The 30-Day Gamer Challenge – Day 1

I recently came across a "challenge" for gamers online: to name a game a day for 30 days, based on specific criteria each day, and explain every choice in a separate blog post. Noting that my column here at GN has been feeling a bit lonely, I thought, "what better place to offer some insight into my personal gaming tastes than right here on GamerNode?" By participating in this game of Get to Know Your GamerNode Editor, hopefully I can help the GN faithful to more fully understand where I’m coming from when I talk about video games.

There is indeed a full list of 30 defining characteristics for each of the coming posts, but just as I am going in blind, as a sort of free-association process, and not reading ahead in the list, I am also choosing to keep it hidden from you, only revealing one question-and-answer combination at a time. I think that’s enough introduction, though, so let’s get down to business now with Day 1 of the challenge:


Your current favorite game

Well this is interesting. Does "current favorite" mean the game that I currently consider my favorite game, or does it mean my favorite game among those I’m currently playing?


I am going to have to fall right into the primary running joke here at GamerNode and among all my gaming friends, and just go ahead and say Braid, because it’s current within a few years, and is definitely one of my favorite games of all time. I would have most definitely rated this game a 10/10 had it been mine to review back in 2008. If I were to choose my favorite among those I’m currently playing, the choice would be between Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Mafia II, which are both very good games, but that’s just too small a pool to draw from, and way too boring.

So yeah…

Day 1 = Braid


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Eddie has been writing about games on the interwebz for over ten years. You can find him Editor-in-Chiefing around these parts, or talking nonsense on Twitter @eddieinzauto.

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