The 30-Day Gamer Challenge – Day 22

No More Heroes

The game the disappointed you the most

No More Heroes. Following Killer7, I thought that any game made by SUDA 51 would be worth its weight in gold; Killer7 was refreshingly original, deep, and downright warped while still providing enjoyable play mechanics and a unique and interesting overall structure. Putting a mixture of FPS and adventure/puzzle design on rails sounds absolutely impossible, yet the game managed to provide a great experience in terms of both play and spectatorship.

Playing No More Heroes, on the other hand, felt like punishment. From the simple, repetitive, flail-happy, and generally clunky hack-n-slash combat, to the horrendous and completely mandatory side jobs, to that PIECE-OF-$#!% F’N motorcycle, the game was just not enjoyable… to play (although the classic controller helped to improve things a bit). Its cutscenes were entertaining, but nowhere near enough to justify the play that filled the space between them. I would much rather watch the game on YouTube than play it, and even then, the game had little to say aside from what we already know about video games and related culture. I feel the argument that there was value in the game’s "message" is somewhat simple-minded, to be completely honest.

It hurts to dislike this game because I expected so much more from SUDA and company, who I think I like very much… but it’s just NOT a good game.

Day 22 = No More Heroes
Day 21 = Shenmue
Day 20 = Left 4 Dead 2
Day 19 = The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Day 18 = Goldeneye 007
Day 17 = Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
Day 16 = Beyond Good & Evil
Day 15 = Killer7
Day 14 = The 7th Saga

Day 13 = ANY Silent Hill game
Day 12 = Peggle
Day 11 = Demon’s Souls
Day 10 = Chrono Trigger
Day 9 = Shadow of the Colossus
Day 8 = Super Mario Bros. 3
Day 7 = Braid
Day 6 = Passage
Day 5 = Gears of War
Day 4 = Final Fantasy X
Day 3 = Animal Crossing
Day 2 = Too Human
Day 1 = Braid


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