The 30-Day Gamer Challenge – The Complete Index

Super Mario Bros

With the 30-Day Gamer Challenge completed, the only thing left to do is give you all a complete, spoiler-free index of the topics covered throughout the feature. Here you can see the "question" for each day, and then click through for my answer. I encourage everyone to use this to make your own lists, and post them in the comments below. It’s definitely an enjoyable little project.

Day 30: Your "Greatest Game of All Time"
Day 29: The game you found most exciting
Day 28: A game world you wish you could live in
Day 27: The funniest game you’ve played
Day 26: The game that scared you the most
Day 25: A game that makes you want to stop playing video games
Day 24: The game that captivated you the quickest
Day 23: A game you can beat everyone else at
Day 22: The game the disappointed you the most
Day 21: The game you most regret not playing yet
Day 20: A game you wish you could play, but suck at
Day 19: Favorite stress-relieving game
Day 18: Favorite game based on a movie/book/comic/etc.
Day 17: A game you are proud to have beaten
Day 16: A game that you wish you more people would’ve played
Day 15: A game you constantly want to replay
Day 14: A game that changed your opinion about something
Day 13: The game you are most content watching someone else play
Day 12: A game that you hate
Day 11: The game you can sit and play the longest
Day 10: A game you’ve played but never finished, and wish you had
Day 9: The game with the best soundtrack
Day 8: A game that you’ve played countless times
Day 7: The most surprising game plot twist or ending
Day 6: Your favorite flash/internet game
Day 5: A game that really reminds you of someone
Day 4: A game that made you sad
Day 3: A game that makes you really happy
Day 2: The most underrated game you’ve ever played
Day 1: Your current favorite game


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