The angriest of the angry gamers

shes pissedEver suck so bad at a game you get pissed off enough to chuck your controller across the room? You know you have.

Everyone knows "that guy". The angry gamer, who you don’t want playing your games, because now with wireless controllers there’s no telling where your controller will end up.

In their blind fury they throw all inhibitions and logic out the window and go into a berserker blood-drunk state. They are liable to do anything. I’ve seen controllers take 5 bounce hops into a lamp stand, sending a combination of glass and controller shrapnel into an unsuspecting roommate’s face. I’ve seen guys rip off headsets and tear them in two, clutching the remains in a state of pure hatred. I’ve even seen a man take out the disc and chew it until his gums were bleeding.

One thing binds all these situations into one hilarious moment — a moment I like to call the moment of recognition. It’s when the berserker slips back into reality, and realizes what he’s done. It’s that "Oh shit" feeling visualized by the same expression.

Check out this video of a guy who sucks so bad at Halo 3 he decides to send his 360 for a ride.

And hey, even if it’s staged, it’s still entertaining.


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