The best gadget ever: The Pong wristwatch

pong watchThis gadget has to be at the top of my list of "things I wish I had." The object of desire is a wristwatch. I am not talking about your multi-thousand dollar watches such as Rolex, or the $2.1 million Patek Philippe that someone bought this year.

No, what we’re talking about here is even better IMO…a Pong wristwatch that shows the time via an ongoing game of Pong.

Now that’s what I call class.

The idea was spawned originally by a large Pong wall clock by futuristic designer Buro Vormkrijger. That’s when John Maushammer took the concept a step further and made a Pong wristwatch.

Maushammer made the unique device in his spare time using computer operated fabrication machines, a slew of electronic components to make a prototype of the watch, and finally, a working model. The whole project took him almost two years to complete.

Maybe buying a Timex would have been easier?

The display shows a automatic game of Pong going on and you read the time by looking at the score. The left score represents the hours and the right score represents the minutes. The hour and minute numbers advance when either side "wins."

The finished unit looks quite cool and may be just the item that Mr. Maushammer can use to start up conversations with girls at his favorite hangouts.

Check out the video below for a tour of his invention.




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