The Best Soundtracks of 2009: The First Half

If you listened to the Vs. Node Podcast (and let’s face it, you should have) last week, you would have heard our picks for the best games of the first half of 2009. Since all games have soundtracks, why not go the extra mile?

Here now are my picks for the Best Soundtracks of the first half of 2009.

NOTE: There is no particular rank or order UNTIL the last one, which is my pick for the Best Soundtrack of 2009 (so far).

Street Fighter IV



The Street Fighter franchise is known for great soundtracks, and this year’s installment is no exception. Hard drum and bass beats fused with techno sounds create a great soundtrack for fighting. How could you not be ready to fight to the end once any of these tracks start to blare out?



BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger



Speaking of getting pumped up before a match, isn’t BlazBlue‘s soundtrack MADE for it? This game is host to some of the best metal instrumentals I’ve ever heard, and I’m a huge fan of metal music. Fortunately, the gameplay is just as good as the soundtrack behind it, making BlazBlue the complete gaming package.





It won the uber-prestigious GamerNode Best Game of 2009 So Far award, so it only makes sense that inFAMOUS‘s soundtrack be one of the best this year as well. Most of the tracks serve as foreboding for the mission at hand, but the real masterpiece is "The Truth," or the song you hear at the PS3 screen before you even start the game. Its ominous sound serves as the perfect setting for what you’re about to get yourself into. Great gameplay, great soundtrack, great game.

Halo Wars



It may have been a completely different step in the franchise’s direction, but Halo Wars definitely had one major thing in common: great music. The soundtrack is every bit as good as any of the prior Halo games, with "Spirit of Fire," aka the title screen track, being the highlight. If you’re a Halo fan, even if you didn’t care for Halo Wars, you have to admit that the soundtrack is awesome.



Afro Samurai



I suppose this is a bit biased, seeing as how I’m a big fan of the source material, but Afro Samurai‘s soundtrack is easily one of the best of the year. Classical Japanese instrumentals infused with hip-hop beats (by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, no less) makes for one of the most incredible aural experiences gaming can offer. The game disappointed the gaming world a bit, but the soundtrack is stellar.



And now, after all of the highlights of the year, it is time for the best of the best. Without further adieu, Best Soundtrack of the First Half of 2009:

Suikoden Tierkreis




Surprised? It’s very rare that the DS wins any kind of overall award, but Suikoden Tierkreis‘ soundtrack cannot be ignored. Hearing the music as I traveled through the game took me back to playing Final Fantasy VIII for the first time, where the music quickly became some of my favorite music of all time. Every track is perfect, EVERY SINGLE ONE. These four I posted here are just my favorites, but there isn’t a single track in the entire OST that I didn’t like. If you played it, you know what I’m talking about. Suikoden Tierkreis is a great game in and of itself, but the soundtrack is more than worthy of the title that this writer is bestowing upon it. Congratulations Suikoden Tierkreis, you are home to the Best Soundtrack of 2009 (so far).




That’s just the first half. What will the second half bring? I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m raving about the sounds of the following titles come January:

Brutal Legend
Dragon Age: Origins
Halo 3: ODST
Alpha Protocol
Demon’s Souls
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

…and the list goes on. There’s a whole lot more gaming to be had in 2009, but whatever you play, don’t forget…

Keep listening. You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t.


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